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Holmes Networks provides an array of services that meet your computing environment needs.


Network Assessments

These are great for clients that are unsure of how their network even runs. It’s important to know how your network works even if it’s just a snapshot view. Holmes Networks won’t hold you hostage like other Information Consulting firms. Performing Network Assessments is crucial to a business owners needs. They provide you with information to make sure systems are working correctly, implemented right, and also give you a broad view to help you decide if you are spending your IT dollars wisely. Holmes Networks strongly encourages these for all new clients. It allows you to see us in action and for us to get to know your user base and business practices better.

Standard System Support

When your systems have issues, we are here to help. You can call us up or use our fast contact form to get the service you need and get those problems addressed so that your business doesn’t miss a beat. Standard system support is great for issues that can wait but not for too long. Typical response time to standard issues is 1 day and is available during standard business hours Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

Emergency System Support

Your server goes down, a mission critical I.T. service hits a brick wall, virus/worm activity, and internet connectivity is down could all constitute an emergency situation for your business. When these incidents happen, we are here at your side to help resolve these issues quickly and efficiently to get your business back on track. Typical response time to emergency issues is 1 hour and is available 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Application deployment and integration

If you need to implement a new system application Holmes Networks can help you. We can setup and install applications that help your business run. We go the extra mile when it comes to our system integration services. We work with your application vendors to insure they are setup and running correctly. The setup of maintenance plans and schedules to the point that minimal human intervention is required and reporting can be made available where applicable. Some examples, but not limited to, of applications are Antivirus programs, accounting programs, and system applications and services.

Contract Support

Our clients believe we are the best and we want to make them deals where they can save time and money. This is where Contract Support comes in. We have flexible contract based solutions to fit your business needs. Contract solutions allow an array of services that otherwise go to the wayside. One example is Holmes Networks PROActive System Support.

PROActive System Support

Holmes Networks knows the best solution for support is to resolve issues before they happen. PROActive System Support does just that. We use advanced counter-measure systems to monitor and maintain your network. This allows us to resolve issues literally almost before they happen and provide our clients with a level of support unprecedented by our competition. This type of support also allows us to observe network behavior and make informed recommendations regarding your network growth and scalability needs. When you chose PROActive System Support you have a solution that not only protects and maintains your information systems but you have a new sense of sound peace of mind that your systems are safe.

This is just a sample of the services we provide. We have experienced instances where clients are not even sure where, what, or how to begin computer system implementation. We can help you with that. If you are not sure of what your business demands are in the way of a computer network you can consult with us and we can make it happen.

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