How We Do It
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Holmes Networks is flexible with all their clients. It has been our experience that most clients are not even sure of how their systems run and sometimes even like it that way, meaning they like to have us “Just handle it”. Our approach is simple and effective. It allows our clients to better understand their systems without having to bury themselves with the detail of making it happen.

The basic introduction formula works like this:

  1. Holmes Networks performs an informed Network Assessment for you the customer. We provide you with the right amount of information to make the best possible decisions to resolve, maintain, or implement your information technology systems. We recommend solutions during this phase to keep your business strong and scalable.

  2. The customer makes an informed decision based on the Network Assessment presented to them. They chose a solution and Holmes Networks carries out plans to “Make it happen”.

  3. The beginning of the system project or projects life cycle begins.

This is the introductory layout of how we do it. It has proven repeatedly to be effective for our clients. We stress Network Assessments at Holmes Networks because it’s simply the only right first step. It allows our clients to get to know us and allows us to help you more effectively when troubleshooting issues arise.

Ultimately an initial Network Assessment always saves you money in the long run.

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